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Interracial Couple



Sex is important whether you are a man, woman, single, young, senior, married, divorced, widowed, separated, unattractice, beautiful, sick, healthy, troubled, or well.  Sex is pleasure, self-expression, and procreation. Sex is energy. ‚Ä®Sex affects us on a personal cellular level and an important part of our health and well being.

As a Sex Therapist, I apply a holistic approach considering your physical functionality, biological functionality, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, actions, emotions, body image, negotiation skills, sexual patterns, fantasies, communication, and knowledge about sex. It all counts towards your sexual health. 

Most clients simply have hidden, unknown, unsupportive beliefs that are keeping them from their desired results. That's it!   Yet research tells us that it takes the average couple 6 years to seek help.

During a typical session, we work efficiently to align the belief with the deisred results in a way that is seemingly effortless. We look to the past for background info and to identify unsupportive patterns and beliefs, but mostly we are looking at the present and what you want to create in the future.

Clients report that the tools and skills they learn in a typical session lasts a lifetime and are applicable to all areas of their life.  






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