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Interracial Couple

Gratitude: Sexual Issues An Opportunity for Love, Growth and Connection


Research shows that it takes the average couple 7 years to see a therapist regarding their relationship issues.  Sexuality issues are even higher. The shame and guilt surrounding sex in our culture keeps people from getting the help they need. 

Many people have secretly and privately lived with a  “sexuality issue” their entire lives.  They secretly manage their lives AROUND their sexuality and built entire lives around their secrets.  Often, they would rather end a relationship rather than resolve a sexual issue with their partner.      

Not only is this suffering totally unnecessary, but there is a HUGE missed opportunity for a spiritual connection through sex. Growth, expansion, and enlightenment rarely come wrapped in bows or within the walls of the workshop.  The need for change arises from discomfort, triggers, conflict, and “dysfunctions.” This is the awakening. Your body is talking to you.  It knows the truth.  And the discomfort is simply a sign that you are living out of your truth.    

The truth is that sex is our birth right and an immeasurable source of pleasure, healing, transformation, creative expression, and access to the divine.  The healing happens when we live, behave and act from this truth.  It happens update old beliefs/patterns and line them up our goals for a fulfilling sex life. This is when we truly serve ourselves and the world around us.  

While it may not feel like it now, on the other side is freedom.    

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